Frequently Asked Questions

Pasteurisation is a compulsory process where milk is heated and cooled in a controlled environment to purify the milk of any harmful bacteria. Yard 86 milk is gently pasteurised by heating the milk to 63.5 degrees and holding it there for 30 minutes before cooling again. This is our preferred method of pasteurising compared to other methods which involve heating the milk to much higher temperatures, which places the milk under greater stress. Although gentle pasteurisation is a longer process then conventional methods, it still removes any bacteria that may be present in the milk, leaving you with a perfectly safe, healthy and delicious product to enjoy!

No! It is quite simply milk straight from the cow, which then gets pasteurised and bottled. Delicious flavouring of the Iced Coffee and Choc Milk is the only additives.

Our milking herd consists predominately of Friesian cows but also have Jersey, Aussie Red, and Normande breeds, all bringing you the rich, creamy milk we all love!

Certainly not! The milk cycle of our cows is completely natural and no antibiotics (or other stimulants) are given to prolong this.

At this stage, no. It is something we are looking into. Please let us know next time you see us if you’d love to see this happen! Make sure you stay subscribed to receive updates like this.

No. All Yard86 milk is produced to a high quality standard for human consumption, including pasteurisation, as per Australian Food Health Safety Standards. Accordingly, Yard86’s policy is not to sell unpasteurised milk (also known as bath milk) as it is not fit for human consumption.